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September 2021:

Allow booking charge even if it is unassigned :

  • Earlier it was not possible to charge unassigned booking as they were not showing in the pending charges list. Many of our customers requested for this feature, now we have added an option to enable unassigned booking charged in the payment settings under “Settings > General > Store Options”

Split referral discount for referral and referrer :

  • Many of our customers requested for an option so that they can set different amounts for referred customer and referrer. We have added a new option for this in the admin store option Settings > General > Store Options (Admin tab) as shown in screenshot

Allow providers to see unassigned booking even if they are not applicable :

  • In our previous updates we added an option for admin to assign a provider even if the provider is not applicable for the booking. We have extended the feature and added an option in “Settings > General > Store Options (Scheduling tab)” to allow providers to see unassigned bookings and grab them even if they are not applicable for it For eg : If a provider is not enabled for an industry or for parameters and there is an unassigned booking for the industry then the provider will be able to see it and grab it from the unassigned folder.

Add time with service category :

  • In our last update we released an option to set a price for service category, we have now added option to set a time for it which will work as base time for the service category

Option to move bookings to unassigned or keep assigned with providers if settings are changed and there are active bookings :

  • Many of our customers find it difficult to update the provider settings and there were restrictions if the provider has active bookings, admin had to move the bookings to unassigned folder or assign to any other provider before making changes. We have now added option so that admin can decide whether booking should stay with provider or move to unassigned folder while updating the settings

Option to choose whether the new booking in recurring schedule should be added based on the recently completed job or based on last booking in the recurring schedule :

  • As you all know that system adds a new booking at the end of the recurring schedule and booking completion to continue the schedule. Earlier system was adding a new booking based on the last booking in the schedule and some of our customers requested to add this based on the recently completed job. We have now added an option under the admin store option so that admin can decide as per requirement

Option is disable spots limit based scheduling :

  • On request of many customers we recently extended the feature of max limit for spots. Earlier it was only applicable for manual spot based scheduling but not available for the provider's availability based scheduling. After releasing the update, some of our customers reached out and asked if they can disable this somehow so that they don't have to manage the limits. We have now added an option in “Settings > General > Store Options (Scheduling tab)”

Remove dependency of cash/check booking notification from store options : 

  • In our previous updates we added a new notification for admin about cash/check bookings, this notification was dependent on the cash/check option which allows users to add bookings with cash/check. Customers requested to remove this dependency so that they don't have to allow cash/check for customers just to get notifications. We have removed this and now notification is independent, admin can schedule this notification with its setting shown in screenshot

August 2021:

Allow providers to work as an individual or in multiple teams :

  • We are happy to update that we have released the feature which allows a provider to work as an individual and in multiple teams. Admin can enable this feature from Settings >> General >> Store Options (Provider tab) with the option shown in the screenshot Once you have enabled this option the admin will be able to add a provider in the team even if there are active bookings for individuals. 
  • If the admin doesn't want a provider to work as an individual after adding it in the team then the admin can disable it from the team members profile with the options shown in the screenshot
  • If a provider is working as an individual or in multiple teams then the system will show a tag with the provider name “Also this provider belongs to a team(s)” so that admin can easily identify
  • Provider App : If a provider is part of multiple teams then they will get the option to choose whether the screen should show the details for individual or as team member 

Spot limits and daily settings for provider’s availability based automatic scheduling :

  • In our last updates we released the feature which allows admin to set a max booking limit for a spot for example 10 bookings for 8 am Monday. This feature was not available when the scheduling is based on the provider's availability as the system was checking the available spots only based on available providers. We have now extended the functionality and enabled this feature for the provider's availability based scheduling. Many of our customers are using provider’s availability based scheduling as it automates the booking assignment process and prevent multiple bookings for same date/time, from now they will be able to set max limit for the spots as well from “Settings >> Booking Spots >> Maximum Settings or Daily Settings”

Apply tax on service fee :

  • Many of our customers are using service fees to add fees on booking for specific locations. Earlier this was excluded from the tax and customers requested us to add an option so that they can apply tax on the service fee too. We have now added an option in the form settings to enable the tax on service fees
  • If this option is enabled then the system will calculate tax on the price including service fee

Show total before tax on admin : 

  • In the previous update we extended the summary on the customer end to show the 'Total before tax'. In this update we have extended the summary on the admin end too and it will also show the 'Total before tax’
  • For this we have extended the same option to control whether it should show on the customer end or both ends as mentioned below.
  • How do you want the total pricing to show when the customer is looking at the summary box? -Total -Total before tax -Both total after tax and before tax
  • Sometimes it is possible that the price on booking is 0, for this case we have added another option which allows admin to set how it should show. How would you like to handle 0 total before tax? -Leave as is -Show both total after tax and before tax

New design on provider app with improved functionality : 

  • We have redesigned the provider app and improved the user experience. Both android and iOS apps are submitted and under review process. Both will be released soon.

Clock out notification for admin :

  • We have added a new email/sms for admin for booking clock out, admin can enable this from Settings >> Notifications >> Email/SMS and will get this when a booking is clocked out from the app

Reminder to admin for cash/check bookings :

  • We have added a new reminder for cash/check bookings, many of our customers requested this so that they can get notification if the upcoming bookings are with cash/check and they can make changes as per your requirement like add card or reschedule etc. Admin can enable this reminder from Settings >> General >> Store Options with the option shown in the screenshot, here admin can set a time for the reminder.

Short address in case of split address : 

  • In our previous update we released the option so that admin can split the address field in address, city, state but the full address was showing in address field and it caused the confusion, we have made the changes and now the address would show without city and state.

Assign new booking in schedule to the same provider :

  • For the recurring bookings system adds new booking at end of schedule automatically when a booking is completed, earlier system was checking if provider is available for booking and adding the booking as unassigned if provider is not available. We have now added an option under Settings >> General >> Store Options (Scheduling tab > Recurring Bookings section ) so that admin can choose whether the booking should be assigned to the same provider irrespective of if they are available or not, basically based on this option system will not check their availability but simply add the booking with the same provider

Enable “Accept Cookies” section :

  • As per the internet standard sites are required to show options so that customers can accept the cookies or set their preferences. We have added an option to enable “Accept Cookies” section in the footer settings under theme builder, admin can enable and change the content as per requirement

July 2021:

Show total without tax on customer end :

  • Video :
  • We have added an option in the form settings from where you can control the price display on the customer end. Earlier the price was showing including tax and many of our customers requested us to show the total price excluding tax and some of them asked to show both including and excluding tax. With the newly added option admin can select the price display option as per their requirement

Base price for service category :

  • Video
  • Many of our customers requested us to add an option so that they can define a price for the service category, we have now added the option with service category to set a price for it as shown in screenshot You can set a base price for the service category. For example, if a customer selects the service category and you enter $40 in the box as your base price, the price will start or be increased by $40.

Gift card refund :

  • Video
  • Many of our customers are using gift cards actively and we often get requests to add a gift card refund feature. In our last update we extended the gift cards and allowed admin to edit them and now we have added the option to refund the gift card, admin can fill the amount to refund from the gift card from the refund popup.
  • Note : Refund option will be available only on the gift cards sent after 9 July 2021

Split the customer details section on form :

  • Video 1:
  • Video 2:
  • We have added an option in the form settings which can be used to divide the customer details section on form in two different sections, one section contains name, email and phone number field and address section will be shown in another section. This was requested by some customers who want to collect basic details in one section and then address in another section.

Show the country code in front of phone number :

  • Video
  • Admin can now enable the country code with phone numbers from the general store options This option will resolve the issue where customers are filling their phone numbers with country code on the form however country code is not required with phone number.

Send notification to the admin if provider did not click “On the Way”

Service Fee Customization :

  • Video
  • Earlier the service fee label was not customizable and some of our customers who are using this for different purposes or for additional fee on the booking requested to add an option so that they can change its name in the system. We have added an option in the general store options to change the service fee name

Customer reports :

Search by Address :

  • We have extended the search functionality and now admin can search bookings and customers by address also.

Validation on forms optional :

  • Video
  • Earlier the forms were functional with validation and some of our customers requested to remove the validation so that they can add booking without parameters like bedroom, bathroom etc. We have added an option in the form settings from where admin can enable or disable the validation on booking form

Show timezone in booking time log :

  • Video
  • In the booking time logs, we show the clock in/out time. Many of our customers have staff members in different cities or countries having different time zones from the account and the time on time logs were showing based on their timezone which was causing some issues. We are now showing time in the account's timezone and in the staff member’s system timezone.

Show extras with price in summary :

Show excludes with price in summary :

Exclude provider’s non working hours on calendar(Grey area) :

  • We have added an option in the general store option from where admin can exclude the provider’s non working hours from the calendar Once you have disabled it, the grey area will not be showing on the calendar.

Enable/disable day for all locations :

  • Under the Booking Spots->Maximum Settings, we have an option to disable the day, earlier the disable option was working for the specific location only and if the admin wanted to disable it for all locations then it had to be disabled for each separately. We have improved this feature and added an option in the confirmation popup to decide whether the admin wants to disable/enable the day only for selected locations or for all locations

Resend verification email

  • Many of our new customers faced the issue with email when their sender email id was not verified and they had to reach out to us to send the verification email again. We have now added a “Resend verification email” in the notification settings along with sender email id field so that admin can resend the verification email if the previous one is expired

June 2021:

June 10

Update charged bookings:

  • We are happy to announce that we have allowed the admin to update the charged bookings. Earlier only those bookings which were not charged were open for updation, most of our customers requested us to update details on charged bookings like extras, providers etc. We have now removed the restrictions and admin is free to make changes like parameters, provider, prices etc on the booking.
  • Following 3 cases are covered in this update.
  • Admin can add or remove providers from the bookings.
  • Admin can make changes and if the final amount is greater than the charged amount then the system will give the options to either charge the additional amount, charge later or skip
  • If the final amount is less than charged then the system will offer a refund or update without refund
  • Please note that the changes on charged bookings will be applied on single booking only but not on the whole schedule. This also means that there will be no more "Switch to complete" button which was causing lot of confusion.

Send gift card without charging:

  • Recently some customers requested a feature so that they can send gift cards to customers without charging the amount. We have added the cash/check option with the gift card for admin and they can now send gift cards to customers without adding a card

Cancel charged booking:

  • Some of our customers who have auto charge enabled requested us to cancel the booking as it was not performed but charged by the system automatically. Now the admin can cancel those bookings. We have added the cancel option on charged bookings for admin. On cancellation, the system will perform a refund, delete time logs, delete Quickbook entry to booking

Enable coupon discount on provider payment:

  • Earlier we had the option apply coupon discount on provider payment only if they are percentage base, we have now added an option to apply the discount on flat rate and hourly provider payment as well, you can find the option under “Settings >> General >> Store Options >> Provider Tab (Bookings Section)” as shown in screenshot

Assign booking to not available provider:

  • We have extended the check compatibility tab functionality and now it will not only give the reason for provider being not available but you will be able to assign the provider with a single click as we have added an option to assign the not applicable/available provider on the bookings

June 15


  • We are very excited and wanted to let everyone know that we have finally released Campaigns! We have been working hard on this, along with all the other feature requests that we released for the last year. Campaigns is a premium feature designed to help you save time and capture more clients and revenue.
  • To learn more, visit our blog post:

May 2021:

May 7:

Improvements in booking time logs :

  • Couple of weeks ago we launched the comprehensive booking time logs feature covering most of the use cases, however one such use case was not covered i.e if let's say the provider forgot to clock in or a provider was changed on a booking then the time log was not created and this created a lot of inconsistency. We are glad to announce that today we have covered this scenario and now a booking time log will be added automatically upon completion of the booking. So lets say if a provider didn't log in the app or you assigned a different provider to the booking, a corresponding log would be added. Please note this log would be red in color and a tag "Needs attention" would be added along with it: The values on this would be the estimated booking start and end time, you can edit the time log and update the values as per your requirement.
  • Help center article:

Send Schedule Automatically :

  • Many have requested for a feature, where a system should automatically send schedules to respective teams on a scheduled time. We have today released this feature which not only allows you to choose on what day you would like to do so but also whether you would like to send it daily or weekly. Please see the following screenshot for better clarity
  • Please note this feature is available only for Growing $57, Premium $197.

Option to control time for 2 days before reminder:

  • Many of you have requested to allow you to customize the time of booking reminders unlike 48 hours to suit custom business requirements. We have today extended the functionality and now you can easily choose at what time the reminder would go. You can schedule it under Settings->Notifications->Emails (Customer) with the options shown in screenshot Please note once you set the time, you still need to change the subject and mention the time by going inside the template, as setting the time does not change the text in the subject.

Zapier improvements:

  • Many of you are actively using Zapier for different purposes and requested to have provider’s email ids in the submitted data so that they can used on third party apps, we have made changes and now you will get provider’s email ids in the submitted date, if only one provider is assigned then you can get it’s email id in “provider_email” field, if there are more than one providers assigned then they all will be available comma separated in “provider_emails” field.

May 22:

Horizontal calendar view:

  • We are happy to announce that we have released the much awaited horizontal calendar view feature, which many of our customers requested. Earlier, we had only the vertical view, which shows providers at the top of the calendar, and the admin had to scroll to the right to see all providers. In the horizontal view, the admin can now see them on the left side and bookings on the calendars, as shown in the screenshot.

Change provider from the calendar:

  • Earlier, the admin could change the date and time for the booking but only for the same provider, and we did not have the feature to change the provider from the calendar. We have now released this feature, and the admin can now drag and drop a booking to another provider to reschedule the booking. You can even decide when you want to reschedule the single booking or whole schedule if it is recurring.
  • Please note that if the booking is with a pair, the provider can only be changed from the booking edit page.

Calendar improvements:

  • List view to show bookings grouped in dates on mobile just like google calendar:
  • The scrollbar at the bottom will show as sticky at the bottom so that you don't have to scroll to the bottom first to scroll to the right side of the calendar.
  • We will further improve and try to provide rescheduling features in all use cases in the coming months.

Add time log:

  • The admin can now add a time log for a booking if the time log was not added or deleted for some reason.
  • Admins can do it from the "Booking Time Logs" page with the option shown in the screenshot:
  • This option will open a popup where the admin can search for customers or providers to select the booking to add the time log:

Update time logs before clock out:

  • We already have a feature for admins to update a time log; however, it was impossible to edit it until the booking was clocked out from the provider app. We have now extended the feature, and the admin will be able to update even if the provider has clicked “On the way” or “Clocked In,” this feature will be helpful in cases where the provider is on the way and not able to clock in/out for some reason.

Enable/Disable all notifications:

  • Many of our customers requested an option so that they can disable all notifications for customers and providers. We have now added this option in the customer and provider notification, as shown in the screenshot:
  • The admin can disable email and SMS notifications.
  • Enable/Disable notifications for specific customer and providers:
  • An option to disable notifications for a specific customer and provider has been added under the notifications settings, as shown in the screenshot:
  • This feature was requested by many users who wanted to disable these notifications for their customers who do not want to get regular emails or SMS.

New review/rating admin email notification:

  • A new notification for admins has been added for a new review/rating:
  • If enabled, you will get a notification every time a job is rated.

New fields added on in Zapier:

  • We have added the following field in the Zapier triggers. These were requested by some customers who use Zapier actively with third-party tools.
  • estimated_job_length
  • Coupon_code
  • cancellation_fee

April 2021:

URL Parameters on forms: 

Option to choose whether the filter should show the last selected option or not:

  • Earlier, on the dashboard and other pages, the filters showed the last selected option as default which confused missing bookings. We have now added an option under the general store options so that the admin can choose whether to show the last selected values or not
  • Note: Date range will work as before and will be showing preselected.

Page to show card holds and declined:

  • Most of our customers are using the card hold feature actively and requested to show card holds and declined cards on a page to see them all on one page. We have now added a page under “Bookings->Booking Charges->Card hold/declined” where the admin can make all bookings with card hold and declined, can perform activities like release card or re-hold card from the same page.

Export form parameters in time logs CSV:

  • Earlier form parameters like pricing parameters, extras, items, etc., were not included in the export CSV. We have now extended it by including these details and the checkboxes to select which values you want to export.

Remember last selected options on export time logs and download:

  • We have integrated the feature to remember the last selected options on the export time logs and download CSV pages. The admin has to select the options all over again each time s/he wants to download the files.

Pass tags to Zapier:

  • Recently we released the tags feature and noticed that many of our customers were using it actively and requested to pass these tags to Zapier so that they can use them further for other purposes, we have now added them to the Zapier data, and you can get them in “tags” field.

Zap for rating:

  • We have added a new zap for the rating, now you can integrate it, and it will be triggered when a customer or admin rates a job. 
  • Note: The new zap is in the review process and will be available once approved.

Shortcodes in the late arrival message:

  • Earlier, the late arrival message supported only plain text; we have added the shortcode support and added a popup for allowed shortcodes as shown in screenshot, you can now copy and paste in the message field.

Change Late arrival message button name:

  • Many of our customers asked us if there is an option so that the provider can send messages to the customers for which the “Late Arrival Message” option could be used. Still, there was confusion because of the button name as it represented the late arrival message only. We have now added the option so that the admin can change the button name for, e.g., “Send Message” so that it is easy to understand and use

Add extras count in booking details sidebar on the calendar:

  • Earlier, the booking detail sidebar was not showing the extras quantity, and the admin had to go to the detail page to see it. We have now added the count with extras as shown in the screenshot

Start hours count from the minimum set value if service is hourly:

  • Some of our customers reported an issue that hours start from 1 even if they have set a minimum limit of 2 hours which caused confusion; we have worked on the system. Now the hours will start from the minimum limit only so that customers will not select below the minimum limit.

March 2021:

Tags feature for customer and providers:

  • We have added a tags feature that allows you to add tags in the system on the Settings->Tags page Tags can be attached to customers and providers from their profile Once you have added the tags with the customer or provider, they will show in the listing, calendar, or other sections with names

Download bookings CSV file:

  • Many of our customers requested a feature where they can download the booking records in a CSV file. We have added a new page for this from where the admin can select the industry, date range, or tag to filter the bookings to export. You can even choose the fields you want in the CSV file.

Disable customers from making changes in quotes:

  • As soon as we released the quote feature, we received requests to disable the customers from making changes in quotes. We have now added an option in general store options from where you can control whether customers can make changes or not If customers are not allowed to change the quote, they will not change service, frequency, parameters, extras, items/packages, and other elements that control the price. Customers will be able to select the date/time, add the personal information card, and further details.

Improved calendar on mobile devices:

  • Some of the customers find it challenging to use the calendar on their mobile devices. We have improved the calendar view for mobile devices We are working to enhance the week and day view further soon. We would also like to request if you can send us a list of sections that you find have issues so that we can cover them first.

Added options to choose whether you want the names on dots on the calendar:

  • We recently released the calendar improvements by displaying customer names, which many of our customers requested. Some of our customers missed the dots on the calendar, so we have now added an option so that the admin can decide where to show names or dots

Added option to allow all providers for pairing:

  • As of now, many of our customers are using the pairing feature actively, and some of them find it challenging to manage the pairing as the providers are required to be enabled for pairing individually. We have now added an option to allow all providers for pairing so that admin does not have to allow them individually

Add option to apply reschedule fee globally:

  • Earlier, the reschedule fee was dependent on the service category. Many customers did not notice that reschedule fee will be applied only if enabled from the service category. We have now added the option to override the service category conditions and enabled it globally

Added option to apply reschedule fee on booking postpone:

  • We released the reschedule fee recently, which did not cover the postponed booking case. We have now added the option to apply the reschedule fee on the postponed booking as well; you can enable it from the reschedule fee settings.

Add option to apply cancellation fee globally:

  • Earlier the cancellation fee was dependent on the service category and applied only if enabled from the service category. We have now added the option to override the service category conditions and enable it globally

February 2021 Part 2:

Added the option to disable the auto clock in:

  • When the GPS is enabled, the provider app was auto clocking in the providers when they reach within the 100 meter range of the booking location. We have now added the option to disable this in the provider store options. If it is disabled, then providers have to clock in manually to start the time tracking.

Added the option to show all unassigned bookings instead of just the first one:

  • Earlier, our system was not showing all the bookings on a recurring schedule in list view or the calendar if not confirmed. This caused confusion and made the admin think that only one booking has been added. We have now added the option in the scheduling store options so that the admin can decide whether they want to show all the bookings or only the first one. You as admin can also decide whether providers can grab the whole schedule, only the single booking or both from the settings provided.

Switch bookings to “Completed”:

  • Many of our customers have requested to have the option so that they can make changes in charged bookings. Earlier, we did not have this option and you as admin were not able to make changes if the booking was charged. We have now added a button so that you can switch the booking to “completed” status and then make the changes in the booking. This button will open a confirmation popup to show the changes that will be made on a booking if you switch it to “completed”.

Change charge date for cash/check bookings:

  • We have added an option to change the charge date from the “all charges” page for cash/check payments. It was requested by some customers so that they can update it to the date they have collected the amount from the customer in the form of cash/check.

Added an assign provider button on upcoming listings:

  • We have added the option in the upcoming booking listings to assign providers on unassigned bookings. Earlier, you were able to assign providers from the unassigned bookings page. We have made the provider assignment easier by adding the option in the upcoming list as well.

Fixed issues with reschedule fee charges:

  • We were reported that the reschedule fee is not charged for some customers even if they fall into the condition. We worked on it and changed the approach to make sure that the fee will be charged with rescheduled bookings, if applicable. We will still be monitoring the issue closely.

Made changes in booking updates to prevent time logs deletion:

  • The system was deleting the time logs if you updated the booking after completion. We have made changes so that the time logs will be deleted only if the date or provider is being changed on the booking. The system will show a confirmation popup before the booking update to let you know that time logs will be deleted.

Fixed file download location issue on iPhones:

  • The download file flow has been updated for iOS devices (added an option to save the file at a selected location). Now, after you click on “download” we'll open the file, having an option at the top to save at the location preference available for the selected file type. Now you can save the file at a defined location for all iOS devices.

Extended the option to hide provider payments:

  • In our last update, we provided an option to hide provider payment from providers. We have now extended it with more options to control which type of payment you want to hide from providers.

Added the option to lock the first & second column in the booking time logs and also enabled scrolling using the arrow keys on your keyboard:

  • We also have added an option to lock the customer detail column just like the service date so that it always shows in the table. Many of our customers found it hard to scroll the time log table to see all the details. We have now added the keyboard key controls and you can now scroll the table with the left and right keys.

February 2021:

Checking the schedule for pairs and automatic pairing

  • Check available spots for pairs: We recently added an option in the scheduling store options to set how much time a provider can work on a booking. Using this option, we have now integrated the spot check for pairs feature. For example, if you have set the time for 4 hours and your booking is for 6 hours then the system will decide that 2 providers are required to complete the job and will show the available spots if there are at least 2 providers available.
  • Automatic pairing: Earlier, only the admin was able to pair providers on the booking manually. We have now integrated automatic pairing features. Now, if you have set the maximum time for a provider under the scheduling options and enabled automatic provider selection, then the system will check if the providers are available to do the job and select the pair automatically. You as admin can further change providers or add more as per you requirements.
  • Pair multiple providers: Earlier, we had a restriction of a maximum of 3 providers for pairing on bookings. We have now removed this restriction and you can add as many providers as you want for your bookings. Here is a screenshot with 9 providers on a single booking We further improved the section so that you can add multiple providers together with a single click. You can now add them all at once rather than adding them one by one. Simply select the checkboxes and click pair.

Booking/time log updates

  • Export time logs: Most of our customers requested to have an option so that they can export the time logs data for further usage like payments, taxes or time tracking. We have added this and you can now export all logs for a date range as per your requirement in a CSV file. You can even decide whether you want to export the details as provider based and also only select the fields you want to export. 
  • Lunch breaks: We have added a lunch break feature in the system and now providers will be able to take their breaks without clocking out from the booking. The system will track all lunch breaks and will show in the time logs table. On the mobile app, providers will be able to do the following with the buttons shown in these screenshots: 
  • On the way: Providers can click the “On the way” button to start tracking the travel time when they start to travel for booking locations.
  • Clock In: Providers can click on this to start the time spent on the booking.
  • Lunch Break & Resume: Once a provider has clocked in, they will see “Lunch Break” to take their break and then the “Resume” button to stop the lunch break time.

Clock Out: Providers can click on this button after completing the job to stop the time tracking. 

  • Improved booking/time logs section: Earlier, you as the admin were able to update the time logs with fields like travel time, now we have added the options so that you can make the changes if required and approve the time log with different options like, approve with lunch break, approve without lunch break.
  • Prevent providers from updating time logs: Earlier, providers were able to update the time logs after clocking out of a booking. We have now added an option under the provider store options to disable the adjustment popup if you don't want the adjustments from a provider and track the actual logs with GPS.

New Zapier trigger added

  • As requested by many, we have split the draft/quote button on the booking form and now when you create a new quote, a zap “New Quote” is triggered.

Provider permissions for payments and prices

  • Hide payments from providers: Previously, providers were allowed to see their payments for bookings until now. Now we have added an option under the providers/teams settings to decide whether they can see their payments or not.
  • Show booking payments to providers: We have added the option in the providers settings to decide whether they can see the booking prices or not. Now you can decide which payment methods they can see payments for.

Price for hourly services based on parameters

  • For hourly services, you as admin and customers had to fill out the hours required for the job and then the system was calculating the prices based on the filled time. We have now added an option in the service category settings to decide whether the system should ask for the time in hours and minutes for hourly bookings or calculate the time based on the parameters selected.
  • If you enable the "parameter based" time, then the system will calculate the time and then prices based on the total time.

Sticky booking summary on mobile

  • Many of our customers asked to make it easy to see the booking summary on mobile. Before, it was at the end of the page and users had to scroll to the bottom to check the details. We have made the changes to show the summary sticky at the bottom and made it accessible all the time on booking form.

Short form customization

  • We have added the option to change the label colors on the booking short forms. Earlier it was not possible to change these colors which made it difficult to match with your websites color scheme.

Support contact number short code

  • We have added a new short code for notifications for your support phone number {{.SupportPhone}}. You can now use this short code in emails and sms notifications. You can set the support phone number from your general store options.


  • We have grouped the notification section for better understanding based on the section/activity they belong to. Hopefully, this will help you understand and control which notifications go when and control the flow as per your requirements.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Show the customers email id in the booking listing table. Earlier, only the customers name was showing in the listing and you as the admin had to go to their profile to get the email id.
  • "Price Adjustment" section has been renamed to "Booking Adjustments" to be more inclusive of the time adjustment option.
  • Improved the date filter on the calendar to show the date range highlighted, along with predefined options to select ranges like "Next 7 days", "Next 30 days", etc.
  • “Block From Booking” button added on the customer dashboard so that you don't have to go to their profile to do it.
  • Added a “Select all” option to send invitations to the provider for unassigned bookings.
  • Issue fixed on the "Send reminder" popup for unassigned booking invitations. Earlier, the SMS option was not selectable to send the messages.
  • Added notes in the booking sidebar on the calendar. Earlier, you as the admin had to open the booking details page to see the notes on bookings.

January 2021:

  • An option for spots availability and provider selection: There is now an option in the scheduling store options to decide whether you want to see the spots based on provider availability or not. 
  • An option to set max time: There is now an option in the scheduling store options which allows you to set the max time a provider can work on a booking.
  • An option to select time from schedule and manually: We have added the option on the booking form to select spots from the schedule added in the system or select a time manually which is not from the schedule.
  • Apply changes to all future bookings: Now you can apply changes to all future bookings from any booking of the schedule for example if you want to add an extra on third booking on wards then you can add the extra on third booking and update it with "For All Future Appointments".
  • Enable spots for admin only: We have added the option to control whether a spot should be available for admin only or for customer and admin.
  • Late reschedule fee: We have added a new feature in the system "Reschedule Fee". With this option you can enable the late reschedule fee and choose the conditions for which this fee should be charged.
  • Customer reschedule: You can now control if the customers can reschedule from their end and if yes then which kind of booking.
  • Daily discount settings: We have added settings for the daily discount settings from where you can control the industries, locations and customers the discount should apply for.
  • Sorting on listings: We have added the sorting by name feature on booking listings, customers and providers.
  • Exempt sales tax for industry: We have added an option so that you can exclude a service category from sales tax.
  • Email logs for quotes: Earlier, the system was not maintaining the email logs for the quotes sent and some of our customers requested us to add an option so that they can check what was sent as a quote. We have covered the case now and you can see email logs for the quotes from the "View History" option from the "Draft/Quote" page.
  • Show non available working hours for all locations filter: Earlier, we were not showing the available and non available working hours (grey area) on the calendar if "All Locations" was selected in the filter and customers were finding it difficult to manage the booking assignment and provider without setting available hours. We worked on it and now you will see working and non working hours based on the default location working hours.
  • Gift card update: We have extended the system and added features to update the gift card from the admin or from customers end.
  • Customize and rearrange details in booking summary: You can now customize and rearrange the details in the booking summary from the theme builder.
  • Provider deactivation flow: Many of our customers had issues while deactivating a provider because of active bookings or pending payments, we have improved the flow and now they system will show active bookings and pending payments both in the popup if there are any and you can move the bookings to unassigned folder and make the payment so that you can deactivate the provider without going to payments or bookings page.

November/December 2020:

  • Complete UX/UI Redesign: The entire system has a new a vastly improved UX/UI that can be seen by the admin, providers, customers, and staff.
  • Single Step Form: You now have the option to have a one step booking form for customers.
  • Multi Step Form: You now have the option to have a multi-step booking form for customers.
  • No Location: You now have the option to remove the zip/postal code field and run the system without locations.
  • Name Based Location (No zip/postal code): You now have the option to have locations based off of names.
  • Remove Dependency: You now have the option to remove options that are dependent on others like frequencies, service categories and more.
  • Daily Discount: You now have the option to set up discounts for certain days that fewer customers book for enticing others to sign up. For example, if you have less appointments on Tuesday's you can set up a 10% discount for Tuesday's only so you can push customers to book for that day.
  • Scrollable Sidebar: The booking form summary box can now be enabled to scroll with the user.
  • Drag and drop form elements: You can edit the booking form sections by simply dragging and dropping them in the order you want them to be in.
  • Scroll to specific element and specific validation error: You will now be automatically taken to the specific part of the booking form you are working on when trying to save and an error comes up. This will show you what is wrong and why it is wrong.
  • Calendar Sidebar Feature.
  • Map view for booking listing: You can now see on a map view of where the booking is located.
  • Hide/show provider sidebar.
  • Parameters dependency: You can now turn off parts of your booking form being dependent on others or not like frequencies service categories and more.
  • Accept terms and conditions based on condition: You can now have a terms and conditions added to your booking form that customers will have to accept in order to book.
  • Form dynamic on web builder.
  • Improved System Logs.
  • Thank you page: You can now add a "Thank You" page so one your customer finishes their booking they are redirected to this page. This makes it easier to track conversions.
  • On the way button added in app for clock in/out.
  • Job pictures uploaded by admin: You can now upload job pictures as an admin.
  • Check availability: This option will now appear whenever there is an issue in the system when you are trying to add a provider to a booking.
  • Email tracking: You can now track whether an email was sent, opened and any links clicked.

September 2020: Part 2

  • Logs for customers and providers: We have added a new tab under the customer and provider profiles to show their logs. For customers, this tab will show all bookings, profile, cancellation, and other system logs related to customers. For providers, it will show booking updates, profile, settings, schedule update logs.
  • Option to upload job pictures from admin: Earlier admin was not able to upload job pictures for a booking and only providers were allowed to upload, we have added the upload feature on admin as well.
  • Improvement in settings modification request: We have improved the modification request detail page to show the previous and requested details, earlier it was difficult to decide what a provider has requested. Admin can also see the current settings for the provider with the "View Current Setting" button.
  • Improved booking system logs: We have extended the booking system logs to show the required booking details. So for e.g. if you have a customer which had bookings for two different properties, earlier you would have to go to each booking detail individually to view which booking belongs to which address, hence we added a short summary below to show some basic details.
  • Confirmation mail on duplicate bookings: The system was not sending the new booking and confirmation email for duplicated bookings, we have made the changes and customers will now get the emails, and system logs will also be added so that it will be easy to track the bookings.
  • Duplicate bookings display in the calendar on the provider dashboard when a booking is assigned to a pair.
  • Extras list: Increased the limit to show extras, it was earlier set to 100. We have fixed the issue and the extras list page will show all extras added.

September 2020: Part 1

  • Email Logs: We have added the email logs page under "Logs" admin menu where admin can see all the actual emails sent to customers and providers from the system.
  • Wildcard Zip Code/Postal Code: we have integrated a wildcard zip codes(postal codes) feature which can be enabled from general store options. Once this option is enabled, you will see a wildcard and exclude zip codes(postal codes) option in the locations.
  • Rating/Review Without Login: Customers do not have to log in to leave ratings/reviews anymore.
  • Re-Clock In/Out: We have integrated the Re-Clock In feature in the system, this feature will allow providers to clock in again on a completed booking if they need to work on a job again in multiple shifts.
  • Update Adjustments On The Booking: We have now added an option so that if the admin makes some changes in the time log then the system will automatically update the time and price on booking, price will be updated only if booking is hourly.
  • Email Master Template: We have added the master template feature which will allow you to change the common content on all emails at once like header or footer.

August 2020

  • Card Hold Improvements.
  • Card Hold With PayPal: We released the card hold feature for Stripe and Square earlier and now we have integrated it for PayPal as well. 
  • Clock In For Booking From Admin Portal: You can now clock in for the booking from today's booking list with a button in the admin dashboard.
  • Notification For Not Clocked In: You can now get notifications if a provider has not clocked in for a booking.
  • Notification For Clock In: We have added a notification for the admin and staff to receive for a provider clocking in.
  • Color Codes For Providers: You can now assign a color for the providers so that you can differentiate their bookings on the calendar.
  • Charge Cancellation Fee On A Cancelled Booking:  We have now added the option to charge the cancellation fee on cancelled booking if the fee is not charged yet.
  • Monthly Frequency For A Fixed Date: We have now added a new recurring frequency "Monthly On Same Date" for those who want the recurring schedule for a fixed day of month.
  • Changed "Reschedule" to "Edit Booking" In Customer Portal.
  • Notes From Providers: We have added an option so that your providers can add notes on their bookings.
  • Edit All Fields In Time Logs: We have now extended the time log edit so that you can update the field values.
  • Canceled Booking Type On Zapier: We have added a field "canceled_bookings" which will be submitted to Zapier on booking cancellations.
  • Send/Print Provider Note In Schedule: Earlier, provider notes were not showing in the printed version or send schedule email. We have now added it to send in schedule email and show in the printed version.

June 2020 and July 2020: Part 2

  • Card Hold For Square: We have integrated card pre-authorization for Square payment gateway.
  • Release and Re-hold Card: We have also introduced "Card Release" and "Re-hold Card" options.
  • Resend Welcome And Reset Password Emails: We have introduced two buttons from where Admin/Staff can resend the emails.
  • System logs: We have added a type filter to make it easier to access and categorize the system logs.

June 2020 and July 2020: Part 1  

  • Scheduling Options: We have added a new tab under store options, which contains all the choices you can use to control the provider assignment, spots availability, and recurring bookings. 
  • Per Spot Booking Limit: We have extended the bookings spots section and added a max booking limit option for each spot
  • Daily Settings: If you have a manual option enabled in scheduling store options, then you will be able to control spots for dates as per your requirement. 
  • Holidays: You can now add holidays in the system, and customers will not book for these dates. You as admin can add bookings for holidays as well.
  • Notification For Staff Members: Now, staff members can also get notifications for add/modified and declined bookings. 
  • Schedule Customer Booking Reminder: We have added a schedule option for the customer's one-day booking reminder, and you can now set it up when it should be sent to the customer. 
  • Schedule Rate Us Mail: You can now set up when customers get the "Rate Us" mail after booking completion.
  • Complete Booking On Clock Out: Customers who are using GPS and clock in/out feature requested to add an option so that booking can be marked complete on clock out and should not be marked by the system on job length based. 
  • Clock Out Booking From Admin: We have added an option in the admin time logs table to clock out the booking, admin can now clock out if providers face any issue or forgot to clock out.

April 2020 and May 2020  

  • Manage availability page with calendar: a new page “Manage Availability” under the providers admin menu to manage provider scheduling using a calendar.
  • Option to control availability for per location or same for all locations: a feature so that you can have the same working hours and spots for all locations added in the system.
  • Option to allow providers to make schedule changes: there were some restrictions when a provider has active bookings. We have now removed those restrictions from the new manage availability page and added the options to take action with active bookings.
  • Options to perform an action on active bookings while making schedule changes: Change Availability Options, Default Availability, Specific Date, Request Time Off.
  • Switch calendar top and side view.
  • Different email option for admin emails: We have now added option in notification general settings to setup a different email address for admin mails and for reply to email address.
  • Send customer fields to Zapier: Earlier, the system was sending customers full name and full address string to Zapier and some customers requested to send different field values like first name, last name, city, country, etc so that they can use these fields in other platforms like CRM. We have now added these fields and you can get those on Zapier to reuse.
  • Theme updates.
  • Customize reset password page.
  • Change footer on themes: Added the option to change the footer and choose a footer from different a theme.
  • Option to change mobile menu icon color: Mobile menu color on themes were fixed and could not be changed, many customers requested to add the option so that they can change it to suit theme and header background-color
  • Change extras border and buttons color: Extras on the booking form were showing with fixed borders and button colors which were not showing well for custom color schemes, we have now added the option to change these colors.

February 2020 and March 2020  

  • Control Bookings For A Recurring Schedule: You can choose whether you want the system to look 6 months, 1 month or just 1 appointment into the future.
  • Send A Quote: You can now save a booking as a draft and send a quote to a customer with a custom URL and discount.
  • Payment Hold On Credit Cards: You can now hold a payment on credit cards before the scheduled booking. (Currently only for Stripe.)

December 2019 and January 2020  

  • Quickbooks Integration: You can now sync all booking revenues into Quickbooks automatically.
  • Booking Confirmation: We added a booking confirmation text on reset password page when users redirect to this page after adding a booking.
  • New Zapier Trigger: Zapier trigger on booking completion
  • Price and Time Adjustment Note: You can now add a note why a price or time of a booking was adjusted.
  • Duplicate Booking: A customer can now easily duplicate a booking and schedule a new appointment.

October and November 2019  

  • Multiple Appointments: You can now book multiple bookings for the same spot for the same provider. Example: if a dog walker can walk 5 dogs at the same time, 5 books can be made for 9 am for that same provider.
  • Addons On Packages: Using form 2 (packages) you can now add additional add-ons to a package. Example: if a customer selects a specific package, they can also now select add-ons that belong for that specific package only. Extras can also be added on to the entire service separately as before.
  • Extras: You can now use a multiply or manual pricing and time structure for your extras. Example: an extra can cost $10 and will require 10 minutes of work but if it is selected 3 times, you can set different pricing points and times: $10 (selected once), $15 (selected twice), $20 (selected three times).
  • Job Time Reduction Feature: You can now reduce job time automatically based on frequency selected. Example: If someone selects a one time cleaning, the time of the job may be 2 hours, however if they request it to be a weekly service, the system can automatically reduce future appointments by a percentage you decide (main reason: first service will take more time).
  • Quick Add Tools: We introduced 3 quick add tools to save you time when setting up and managing your store. The 3 tools will help with 1) changing all provider settings at one time, 2) changing specific provider settings quickly 3) changing availability of a provider.
  • Provider Flexibility: You can now allow providers to manage their settings on their own making your business even more automated. For example: providers can change their own schedules and they can decide which services or locations they want to work (this can be disabled as a merchant).

August and September 2019 (Major Release):  

  • Advanced Theme Builder: We released an advanced theme builder allowing you to build out a complete website using BookingKoala.  

July 2019  

  • Marketplace: We now help you find clients for your service business.

June 2019 

  • Square and PayPal: You are now able to connect Paypal and Square in order to charge and refund clients. Plus you can use PayPal to pay out your providers as well.
  • SalesHangry: We’ve built SalesHangry to help you increase your conversions and sales.
  • Affiliate Program: Affiliates can now promote and recommend BookingKoala.
  • Referral Program: If you're a BookingKoala user you can earn credits towards your subscription by referring BookingKoala.
  • Clear Schedule: You can easily reset a providers/teams schedule.
  • Auto/Manual Clock Out: You can now decide if providers are clocked out automatically or manually.
  • Re-Order Industry Menu: You can re-order your industries on a booking form.

May 2019

  • Loading Speed: We improved the loading speed of our entire software including the speed of the embedded booking forms.
  • Comprehensive Invoicing: We introduced an invoicing system compliant with Australia's policies and laws.
  • Optional Secondary Email: You can disable the secondary email field on your booking forms.
  • Unassigned Priority: You can now assign priority to an unassigned booking.
  • Import/Export Feature: You can now easily import/export customers and providers into and out of the system.

April 2019

  • Display 2 Prices: If you charge a different price on your first visit you can display it to customers along with the price of future visits.  
  • Flexible Custom Sections: You can now move custom sections to step 1 of your booking forms.
  • Price Adjustment: We moved the price and time adjustment fields to the first step of the form.

March 2019

  • Provider App: Providers can now login via a mobile app.
  • GPS Functionality - Providers can now be tracked.
  • Clocking In/Out Functionality - Providers can now clock in/out.
  • Calendar View: You can now view providers and team under 1 view.

February 2019

  • Waiting List: You can add bookings without assigning anyone to them and you can also allow customers to join a waiting list.
  • Reviews Update: You can now display reviews on your website to increase conversions.
  • Leads/Contact Us Form: You can now capture leads through a custom form made by you.
  • Modify/Disable Menus Items: You can now disable and modify header and footer menus.

January 2019  

  • Onboarding Experience: We worked on making BookingKoala easier to use (major update).
  • Pricing Structure: We reduced the price per provider to only $3.

December 2018

  • Automatic Charges: You can now charge bookings automatically after they have been completed.
  • Time Zones: If you have multiple locations in multiple time zones, it is now easier for users and yourself to book services that are in different time zones.
  • Live Chat: You can now talk to your providers from inside your account and your providers can message you and your office employees from their accounts (web version only - app version coming in soon).

November 2018

  • Zapier Integration: You can now connect with your favorite apps.
  • Modify Prices and Services: You can now modify prices or services even if there are active bookings using those services and prices.
  • Quicker Load Time: We focused on improving the speed of the entire system.

October 2018

  • Automatic Reviews: You can now automatically gather more external reviews and/or share internal reviews via Facebook or Twitter.
  • Admin Mobile Dashboard: You can now login and set up your entire account from a mobile device.
  • Customize Your Login Page: You can make changes to your login and sign up pages.
  • Customer My Drive Options: You can now keep files under a customer's profile.
  • Changing The Tax Tag: If you live outside of the US, you can change the sales tax tag.

September 2018

  • Simple Theme And Website Builder: You can now have a website in under 60 seconds which can be customized towards your brand with easy to use options inside of BookingKoala.
  • Customize Your Referral Messages: You can now enter a custom image and custom text that is displayed whenever your customer shares a referral via Facebook/Twitter.
  • Customize Your Forms: You can now customize your entire booking form, as well as your gift card and referral pages.
  • Disable Referrals/Gift Cards: You can now disable/enable the gift card and referral pages.

August 2018

  • Conversion Tracking: You can track conversions that come from Adwords and Facebook ads.
  • Merchant Location Versus Service Area: You can accept bookings whether you have a store, perform online services or if you travel to someone's location.
  • Remove Job Lengths From Summary: You no longer need to show the job length in the summary box of the booking.

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